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Coin Reactive Ink

An Invisible security Ink layer covers any printed element;textual or graphic. Exposed only by scratching the ink with a coin.


The invisible ink is completely undetectable by an unsuspecting-

The security feature (under-print) can be exposed only by scratching the ink with the edge of coin, key or any other metal object. The special security Ink can only be seen in a specific angle.

Use this security printing feature in order to provide a way to ensure document authenticity upon receipt.

This security printing feature cannot be copied or scanned.


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We're using +25% recycled paper.
We charge additional 22$ for 1,000 pieces.

Paper Specification:
Wood-Free: We're using a regular or recycled 110gram wood-free paper for printing your order. Wood-Free Paper is the ideal choice for office paper; it's suitable for printing via laser and regular printer.
Paper Size: The LetterLope paper comes in a standard office paper size.
A4 - 210m"m x 297m"m or Letter size - 215.9m"m x 279.4m"m
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