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LetterLope Self -Seal Mailers – Saving costs, increasing efficiency

Letterlope self seal mailers - a revolutionary, unique product combining your company's letter heading and envelopes into one, saving you time, money and increasing security.

Letterlopes self seal mailers allow you to print your employee's payslip in-house with no need to send sensitive data to outsourcing companies! You print the payslip on your own printer, using your regular accounts program. Fold, stick and the self seal payslip is readying to be distributed. Whether you have one payslip or hundreds – it's simple, fast and cost efficient! Letterlope's self seal payslip is the perfect solution!

Two products in One - letter headed paper & an envelope.
Save time & money, print on one sheet, no envelopes, less labour.
Environmentally friendly - less use of paper,
self seal mailers are wood free!
Increased Security - everything stay in-house.
Self seal mailers are designed to be used safley in your office's laser printer.
Payslip remain confidential and have a transparent window for the address. Remove three protecive strips and fold - your document is ready to be mailed! Use your own program and printer!

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